Food and Fitness Plan Week #10

Yesterday was the Columbus Marathon/Half Marathon and it turned out to be a beautiful day!  I ran my 8th Half, and have a new PR of 2:28:16!  I am very proud of that this week.  Full race recap will come soon.  I am also happy that I have made a plan for this week because it is another weird one, schedule-wise and social life wise.  I will be taking it easy, fitness-wise, and try to figure out what my non-training running schedule is going to be next week!


Monday: breakfast ~Cinnamon Almond Protein Cheerios (try these, trust me!)
lunch ~leftover Hot Chicken (this was my post-race meal, and it is SO GOOD.)
dinner ~Pumpkin Sausage Soup

Tuesday: breakfast ~overnight oats (maybe pumpkin flavored?), banana
lunch ~sweet potato & black bean filling with an egg scrambled in, apple
dinner ~ hearty vegetable curry

Wednesday: breakfast ~ new-to-me weight watchers cereal (they just started carrying these at my grocery store.  i bought a box of the oat clusters with almonds because it is 3PPs for 3/4cup.  have you tried them?), grapes
lunch ~ indian buffet with co-workers  i think i’m going with vegetable curry again – need to skip the buffet
dinner ~ easy taco pie

Thursday: breakfast ~pumpkin overnight oats, apple
lunch ~taco pie leftovers
dinner ~ salad with morningstar farms black bean burger

Friday: breakfast ~brownie muffin, banana
lunch ~ easy lo mein
dinner ~ probably out to dinner

Saturdaybreakfast ~ cereal, fruit
lunch ~lo mein leftovers at work
dinner ~ something related to hurrying home to watch football!

Sunday: breakfast ~egg and vegetable scramble
lunch ~lo mein or other leftovers at work
dinner ~celebrating my brother’s birthday with family!


Monday: DOR
Tuesday: yoga DVD
Wednesday: yoga DVD
Thursday: yoga at the gym
Friday:  weigh-in day. 3 mile easy run
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: run before work


About pint0joe

Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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