Food and Fitness Plan Week #9: race week!

I did not make an official food and fitness plan for last week because it was so bonkers!  I was attending a conference the last half of the week, and I knew that life would be pretty unpredictable.  I tried to come prepared with fruit and snacks, but the lunch options got me, and I was wiped out when it came to fitness.  My weigh-in on Thursday reflected all of that, and I am hoping for this to be a better week.  In fact, it has to be!  This is RACE WEEK!


Monday: breakfast ~steel cut oats, banana, peanut butter
lunch ~cottage cheese, deli turkey, tomato slices
dinner ~kale salad, buffalo chik’n patty

Tuesday: breakfast ~chia pudding, berries, almonds
lunch ~buffalo chicken quinoa bake
dinner ~sweet potato & black bean tacos

Wednesday: breakfast ~chia pudding, berries, almonds
lunch ~buffalo chicken leftovers
dinner ~bubble up enchilada casserole

Thursday: breakfast ~chia pudding, berries, almonds
lunch ~sweet potato tacos 
dinner ~kale, quinoa and chicken salad

Friday: breakfast ~chia pudding, berries, almonds
lunch ~leftovers check (i’ll pack what i have left in the fridge)! 
dinner ~pasta dinner – race carbs!

Saturdaybreakfast ~brunch?
dinner ~bf is making baked lemon chicken with potatoes from his sopranos cookbook 🙂

Sunday: breakfast ~pre-race meal of choice recently: protein cheerios, almond milk, banana. have to be at the corrals pretty early so i might also bring a clif bar along 
dinner ~i will have to see how i feel after the day. if the weather holds out, i was hoping to get a drive in to see fall leaves. the day will be up in the air based on the race, though.


Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: Speedwork after work
Thursday: Weigh-In Day. Yoga DVD before work.
Friday: 3 mile shakeout run before work.
Saturday: DOR + race expo!
Sunday: The Columbus [Half] Marathon!


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