Food and Fitness Plan Week #7

It’s after midweek, but I still need to hold myself accountable for what I have done and want to keep doing this week.  Weigh in day today.  No idea what to expect.  Had one of those days where I got ready for work, saw myself in the mirror, turned around and changed clothes….  Blech.


Monday: Leftover posole and jalapeno beer cornbread (and various bites at cookbook club)
Tuesday: Beef stew, cornmeal muffins and roasted asparagus
Wednesday: Out to dinner!  Wine and Thai. Can it get any better? Panang curry… not so Weight Watchers friendly.
Thursday: Northstar Cafe Square Meal after yoga
Friday: Prep day, this time I’ll try again to make a one pot pasta to have for lunches at work Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: Pasta ?
Sunday: Bubble Up Pizza Casserole (I’m ALREADY EXCITED!)


Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: Speedwork after work I had to skip the track for dumb reasons. 😦
Thursday: 30 minute run before work/Yoga after work
Friday: 1 hour run (5+ miles) on my day off
Saturday: Walk before/after work or on lunch break
Sunday: Twelve training miles (our last LONG long run!)


About pint0joe

Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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