Food and Fitness Plan Week #6

After last weekend at Put-In-Bay, I spent my entire week with a cold! That’s what happens when you put your body through the ringer! I didn’t get much activity in, but I FINALLY made it back to my training run yesterday. It was a scheduled 10, and I got 9 in. At the time, I felt bad about that, but now I’m glad I got out there. This week is going to be a weird one at work, but I think I’ve got everything figured out!


Monday: MorningStar Farms Buffalo Chik Patty, salad and leftover hummus and veggies
Tuesday: Creamy Dijon Chicken
Wednesday: Out to dinner!  Maybe Angry Bear Kitchen?
Thursday: Mexican Macaroni and Cheese
Friday:Lots of meal prep. Making Cincinnati chili for friends who have newborn twins at home, then making SkinnyTaste slow cooker applesauce to turn in to applesauce nut bread, and also a one pot pasta to have for lunches at work Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: OKTOBERFEST! I’m getting a bratwurst and a cream puff!
Sunday: Something that BF makes during football? Or something that my mom makes during football?


Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Yoga after work
Wednesday: Speedwork after work
Thursday: Spinning before work
Friday: Six easy miles on my day off
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: Eleven training miles


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