Food and Fitness Plan Week #5

This weekend was a lot of fun. But this weekend was also a reminder that I need to be mindful in all my eating and drinking choices. I know that I drank more than was necessary to enjoy myself, and spent a lot of time worrying about every food & drink decision I was making. That is a distracting way to have a vacation, and I just revolted against all of my own concerns and completely over-indulged in every way. I did wake up on Saturday morning and run a few miles, but it was not the 10 my training plan called for. I am doing my best to forgive, and move on. Here is my plan for the week:


Monday: Leftover Chinese food that we ordered when we got back in to town last night.
Tuesday: Taco Soup from the crockpot
Wednesday: I am trying out the tuna salad used in THIS recipe, but don’t want to stuff the peppers or make the pickled onions right now.  I will serve it over lettuce.
Thursday: Spicy Black Bean Burger Salad
Friday: tbd


Monday: DOR – vacation recovery 😦
Tuesday: 9:30 Spin class – last week was a blast
Wednesday: Speedwork session with my running group
Thursday: Yoga class after Weight Watchers
Friday: 6 mile run after work
Saturday: 3 mile morning run
Sunday: 10 mile group run


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