Food and Fitness Plan Week #2: The Leftovers

Last week was a good one.  I stayed on track without tracking.  Now, I know that may not be realistic in the long run, but I feel like I was making good choices for myself.

My workplace has a Wellness team, and our team challenged us to 3 weeks of getting at least 8 8oz glasses of water every day.  This was the perfect week to start it, because I had been slacking off on my hydration.  I have been sure to fill my 16oz Blender Bottle at least 4x per day.  In fact, I am considering a new Blender Bottle for actual smoothies since this one is now my water bottle.  I already feel better, more hydrated, and as an added bonus I usually jump out of bed every morning because…  water drinking.

Now on to the week; here is a glimpse in to my Sunday night ~

dinner prep

Saturday we went canoeing and then camped out in our friends’ backyard. I was the party pooper who went to bed early because of my long run the next morning. Our air mattress deflated (twice) so basically we slept on the ground 😉 I wouldn’t change a minute of the weekend, but by Sunday night I was exhausted. Luckily, I remembered how easily SkinnyTaste Baked Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese came together. Dinner (+ leftovers) done.

Have you been watching The Leftovers on HBO?  I haven’t seen it yet, but I read the book a few years ago.  I enjoyed it, and will eventually get caught up on the show!  It feel appropriate as a theme for this week, because there is a lot going on!  BF has a big birthday this weekend, so I am sure there will be a lot of celebrating going on.  So much so, that I can’t vouch for what dinner is going to be between Thursday and Sunday….  But I am going to do my  level best to not go crazy.  Here is my weekly plan:


Monday: Leftover spaghetti pie
Tuesday: Leftover mac and cheese
Wednesday: Our final baseball game of the season, but we are having dinner at home first. Rick Bayless’ Frontera sauces make great enchiladas, and you can stretch this to 6 or more by adding refried beans to the filling. I am also going to try out Mexican quinoa to have on the side.
Thursday: TBA
Friday: TBA
Saturday: TBA
Sunday: TBA

Goal: At least one serving of fruit or vegetables with every meal.


I picked up Build Your Running Body at the library.  It is a good read, very clearly written and it answers a lot of questions regarding diet, strength and stretching.  There are some training programs in there too.  My goal this week is to incorporate what they call The Runner 360, 12 exercises for strength, in to at least three days of workouts.

Monday: I had a 20 minute walk on my dinner break. The gym just did not happen today. Planning on starting 360 exercises tonight.
Tuesday: 5 mile run with some speedwork
Wednesday: 3 mile morning run + 360 exercises
Thursday: Yoga class + 360 exercises
Friday: 2-3 mile morning run (Vacation Day!)
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: 8 mile group run


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