Runner’s World Run Streak Week 4

#RWRunStreak is now coinciding with half marathon training!  I signed up for FrontRunner Columbus‘ half marathon training group, and will be running half #8 (The Columbus [Half] Marathon) in October.

Day 22: Monday, June 16 ~ 1.7 Miles.
Mondays have been tough to get miles in.  I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood after work, and it was great.  I took a nectarine, and a brisk walk, and it was a good way to clear my head without snacking at home.

Day 23: Tuesday, June 17 ~ 2.7 Miles.
This was a fun run! I got lost in the woods 🙂 After my weekly Weight Watchers weigh in, I go for a 2-3 mile run before getting ready for work.  Today I decided to change my routine and explore a small park that’s on the way.  I went running through trails I had never seen, and took every turn to see where it ended.  I wanted to get in at least 30 minutes of running, so I was less concerned with distance.  I love exploring!

Day 24: Wednesday, June 18~ 1.8 Miles
Early morning run.  Was out the door by 7:30am, home and showered and ready for work! BF and I had dinner & a movie plans, so I wanted to make sure to get out in the morning.  Loved it.

Day 25: Thursday, June 19 ~ 2.4 Miles
Running as commuting :).  I met my parents & niece out to see a movie.  It was a screening of Bottle Rocket as part of the Wexner Center Drive-In. Since the movie wasn’t starting until after dark, I was able to go to yoga, go home for a quick dinner, then I ran to the movie!  I love using running time as commuting time.  Ran in to a dear old friend at the movies, and had a great time.

Day 26: Friday, June 20 ~ 2.7 miles
Day off today, and also another hot day!  I started my day by getting roused by the tree guy who needed me to move my car from our parking lot. Instead of just parking somewhere and coming home, I panicked and grabbed a bunch of random stuff I might need for the day and left.  I ended up going to a small parking lot that joins with the running path and taking a good 30 minute run.  Felt good but HOT!

Day 27: Saturday, June 21 ~ 1.7 Miles (walk)
Saturday was starting off a long week of work.  Working through the weekend and in to next week, so I needed some head-clearing time.  Took a walk and felt ok.

Day 28:  Sunday, June 22 ~ 4.1 Miles
A great day for an early morning run, and a great day to be back with a group.  For all the whining I do about getting up early, I love being finished for the day at 8:00a.m.  There is a larger group this year, and everyone seems very friendly.  Looking forward to a good running season… and more views like this one:


Early morning summer sky

17.1 Total miles and a good start to training!


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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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4 Responses to Runner’s World Run Streak Week 4

  1. I’m planning to run the Columbus half, too! I’m training with MIT.

    • pint0joe says:

      Excellent! I am really looking forward to it. Has MIT started training? Their Saturday schedule doesn’t work as well with my work schedule this summer!

      • Yeah, we started about two weeks ago. It’s pretty crowded with all the full marathon runners though, I’m only one of two of half runners in my group this season. I wanted to do the full, but with my bout of tendinitis I decided it was best to stick with the half!

  2. pint0joe says:

    I trained through the winter for my first full, and yesterday it was SO great to be finished after 4 miles 🙂 Hope you heal up and have a great training season!

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