Runner’s World Run Streak Week 4

#RWRunStreak is now coinciding with half marathon training!  I signed up for FrontRunner Columbus‘ half marathon training group, and will be running half #8 (The Columbus [Half] Marathon) in October.

Day 22: Monday, June 16 ~ 1.7 Miles.
Mondays have been tough to get miles in.  I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood after work, and it was great.  I took a nectarine, and a brisk walk, and it was a good way to clear my head without snacking at home.

Day 23: Tuesday, June 17 ~ 2.7 Miles.
This was a fun run! I got lost in the woods 🙂 After my weekly Weight Watchers weigh in, I go for a 2-3 mile run before getting ready for work.  Today I decided to change my routine and explore a small park that’s on the way.  I went running through trails I had never seen, and took every turn to see where it ended.  I wanted to get in at least 30 minutes of running, so I was less concerned with distance.  I love exploring!

Day 24: Wednesday, June 18~ 1.8 Miles
Early morning run.  Was out the door by 7:30am, home and showered and ready for work! BF and I had dinner & a movie plans, so I wanted to make sure to get out in the morning.  Loved it.

Day 25: Thursday, June 19 ~ 2.4 Miles
Running as commuting :).  I met my parents & niece out to see a movie.  It was a screening of Bottle Rocket as part of the Wexner Center Drive-In. Since the movie wasn’t starting until after dark, I was able to go to yoga, go home for a quick dinner, then I ran to the movie!  I love using running time as commuting time.  Ran in to a dear old friend at the movies, and had a great time.

Day 26: Friday, June 20 ~ 2.7 miles
Day off today, and also another hot day!  I started my day by getting roused by the tree guy who needed me to move my car from our parking lot. Instead of just parking somewhere and coming home, I panicked and grabbed a bunch of random stuff I might need for the day and left.  I ended up going to a small parking lot that joins with the running path and taking a good 30 minute run.  Felt good but HOT!

Day 27: Saturday, June 21 ~ 1.7 Miles (walk)
Saturday was starting off a long week of work.  Working through the weekend and in to next week, so I needed some head-clearing time.  Took a walk and felt ok.

Day 28:  Sunday, June 22 ~ 4.1 Miles
A great day for an early morning run, and a great day to be back with a group.  For all the whining I do about getting up early, I love being finished for the day at 8:00a.m.  There is a larger group this year, and everyone seems very friendly.  Looking forward to a good running season… and more views like this one:

Early morning summer sky

17.1 Total miles and a good start to training!


4 thoughts on “Runner’s World Run Streak Week 4”

    1. Excellent! I am really looking forward to it. Has MIT started training? Their Saturday schedule doesn’t work as well with my work schedule this summer!

      1. Yeah, we started about two weeks ago. It’s pretty crowded with all the full marathon runners though, I’m only one of two of half runners in my group this season. I wanted to do the full, but with my bout of tendinitis I decided it was best to stick with the half!

  1. I trained through the winter for my first full, and yesterday it was SO great to be finished after 4 miles 🙂 Hope you heal up and have a great training season!

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