Runner’s World Run Streak Week 3

This week, my schedule was my guide and some runs  had to be brisk walks.  But I have been active EVERY DAY!

Day fifteen: Monday, June 9 ~ 1.2 Miles.
It was a really nice day on Monday, so after a lazy morning, I took part of my dinner break to run in the neighborhood around work.  3 cul-de-sacs = approximately 1 mile!

Day sixteen: Tuesday, June 10 ~ 2.3 Miles.
A little shorter than last week because I had some errands to run, but this was my post weigh-in week.  Had a good week, felt like I was on track, and this is a great way for me to start every week.

Day seventeen: Wednesday, June 11 ~ 5 Miles
This was my first reminder of what it’s really like to run in summer heat!  I got to my mid-way/turn around point, and then bonked in the heat.  I was mostly out of water, and super overheated.  Walked the remainder of the way back home!

Day eighteen: Thursday, June 12 ~ 1 Mile
Ahhhh, this was a nice one!  Post yoga easy mile, and it felt great.

Day nineteen: Friday, June 13 ~ 1.7 (walk)
Super duper cranky today, and not really sure why.  Grumpy from work, indecisive about what I wanted to do after, and not happy about food choices today.  Ended up taking a walk to try and clear my head.

Day twenty: Saturday, June 14 ~ 1.2 Miles (walk)
Spent Saturday out and about with my neice.  We got a lot of stuff done in a short amount of time, including a nice walk along the trail that goes by my house!  Another day where running just wasn’t happening, but we stayed super active all day.

Day twenty one:  Sunday, June 15 ~ 3.2 Miles
One more HOT day.  Like, really hot.  Like, a quick reminder that I should not put off running until 2:30pm because blazing hot sun will zap your will to live.  I was proud of myself for doing this one though, my family was getting together for Father’s Day and I ran around my brother’s neighborhood before starting my celebrations.

15.6 Total Miles & a reminder to get it done early in the morning…  It’s only going to get hotter!


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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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