Runner’s World Run Streak Week 2

Made it through another week and got a run in every day!

Day eight: Monday, June 2 ~ 1.2 Miles.
A rainy day – ran up the path by my house and to a close by coffee shop, then walked to the grocery store. I love being in a neighborhood like this again.

Day nine: Tuesday, June 3 ~ 3.2 Miles.
After months off track, my weigh in’s are showing my lack of commitment to WeWa. After today’s meeting, I took this run to think about what changes I could make.

Day ten: Wednesday, June 4 ~ 4.3 Miles
Met up with running buddy for a nice run after work. Felt good to have a chat and a run!

Day eleven: Thursday, June 5 ~ 1 Mile
Late start to my work day so I took a mile run to get a cup of coffee!

Day twelve: Friday, June 6 ~ 3 Miles
BLERGH this was a day where every little thing was frustrating. Including my run. I left the house, warmed up, and got to the trail before realizing I was wearing the wrong shoes. Had to go home and change and start over. Just didn’t feel like the right day.

Day thirteen: Saturday, June 7 ~ 1.2 Miles
Took a quick trail run after work. Felt ok!

Day fourteen: Sunday, June 8 ~ 5 Miles
Today was a 5 mile race in the neighborhood where I work. I love community races and this one was great. Small, and with a lot of people hanging out in their yards to cheer on runners. Lots of familiar faces and it was a fun course with the last 2 miles on our bike trail. Good times! Finished in 54:03 🙂


About pint0joe

Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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