Runner’s World Run Streak Week 1

I am going streaking! Runner’s World Magazine hosts a running streak each year to jump off the summer running season. It’s pretty simple. Run at least a mile every day from Memorial Day to July 4th! I tried this a few years ago, and if I remember correctly, I stopped because of an injury or fall and just never got back in to the swing. However, I remember that my favorite part was using running in new ways. A quick mile at lunch, or a run to get coffee instead of driving! Here is my recap of week one, where I hit every day except one (and with good reason!):

Day One: Monday, May 26 ~ 4.01 Miles.
This was my first run after the marathon. I was giving myself some recovery time, and thought a week would do it. By the Friday before, I was pretty anxious to get active again. Also, the weather was gorgeous! This one felt really great! I did not run my MapMyRun GPS, so I did not get a “green dot” for today, but I did run!

Day Two: Tuesday, May 27 ~ 2 Miles.
I decided after a busy morning to take my run on my dinner break at work. I think this was a mistake! The drive to the path took longer than I thought it would, and it was HOT. Also, full of cottonwood. So by the time I got to the car, I was hot, sweaty and coughing up a lung. That stuff is nasty!

Day Three: Wednesday, May 28 ~ 1 Mile.
I made time to run a mile in my neighborhood before work. Nice, but I can’t imagine getting up much earlier than that.

Day Four: Thursday, May 29 ~ 1 Mile.
I went home from work with a horrible headache on Thursday and slept from 1:30-6:30pm. Got up and did mile on the trail to try and clear cobwebs. Got covered in mosquito bites instead.

Day Five: Friday, May 30 ~ 4.6 Miles
This was a nice morning run, pre-vacation. Felt pretty good!

Day Six: Saturday, May 31 ~ 1 Mile.
We were out of town and staying at your basic roadside cheap motel. Behind it was a neighborhood I decided to explore, and in that neighborhood was a dog who did not want me there. He barked at me and followed me but luckily did not bite me…

Day Seven: Sunday, June 1 ~ 0 Miles
After hours in the sun Friday and Saturday, being chased by a dog, and sleeping like crap in the motel, I broke my streak and did not run Sunday. And I’m ok with that!


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