Race Recap: Cap City Half 2014

Cap City 1/2 Marathon.  Race #33.  1/2 Marathon #7.  (PR!!)

Fact: It’s been almost 3 months since my last post, and in my last post I was whining about running making me crazy.

Fact: Sometimes it still does.

Fact: My full marathon is in less than 2 weeks.

Fact: I just got a half marathon PR.

This is the first time I have run the Cap City Half as a resident of Columbus.  Which is awesome, because I did not have to do much traveling to get to the race.  However, it also meant that I was responsible for getting myself to the race site!  🙂  I decided to drive on my own instead of taking a ride because it was so early in the morning.  But that turned in to a disaster because there was so much traffic!

cbus traffic
cbus traffic

I still made it to (what i thought was) my corral on time, but missed out on a team photo which was disappointing.  I had about 15 minutes in the corral to warm up (and it was pretty chilly that morning), then they started announcing corrals and taking off.  I was in corral E.  And then suddenly E was gone and I realized I was standing in corral F.  Ooops.  So, I managed to go around some Fs and catch up to the pack right away!

This time around, I wanted to put my full marathon plan to the test, and I think it worked out.


Breakfast: I’ve had a lot of stomach issues during this training, so eating/nutrition has been a challenge.  Before the race, I made 4 saltine & peanut butter sandwiches. (8 saltines + 1 tbsp pb)  For the full, I think I will try a few more of these.

Run/Walk: I immediately set my timer on my iPod.  I did 10 minute runs, followed by 1 minute walks.  I was nervous about not making good time with this method, but l still ended up with a PR.  I was less sore and less dehydrated than I have been for most races, so I like this method.

Water Stations: Skip the first.  It was very crowded, and I had my water bottle, so I kept going.  I did not want to break up the rhythm I had just started with my run:walk and was able to make up for some time lost at the beginning of the race.

Music: I need new tunes!  Spent a lot of time skipping songs, or running with things I don’t like, so I need to fix that…  also, i dropped my iPod so it might be dead.  Fingers crossed it still works, cause I can’t afford that cost right now!

Headphones: Get new ones!  The ones I ran with over the weekend repeatedly fell out of my ears. (as you can see here:)


Compression: I bought calf-sleeves at the expo the night before the race.  They always say Nothing New On Race Day! but I LOVED trying these out.  These are a must-have now.

Nutrition: I grabbed water at the 2nd refueling station.  I did a GU at about mile 6, followed by water.  I think I only grabbed Gatorade/sports drink 2 or 3x this race.  I started getting hungry around mile 11, so I had another GU.  Ordinarily, I would have kept running through to finish the Half, but since I was testing my full tactics, I went for it.  Both GUs had caffeine and did not affect my stomach at all.

Post-Race: I kept walking and moving.  Had a bottle of water and a gatorade, and part of a bagel.  Did some minor stretching, and then went out for lunch.  I ended up eating half of a spicy black-bean burger, fries and a milkshake.  YES, a milkshake.  Not the most Weight Watchers friendly post-race meal, but I have been going through a slump.  More on that in a bit.

Over all, I am happy that I stuck to these tactics and learned what  I want to do for my next race!


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