Running makes me… crazy.

Greetings from another snowy Ohio day.  I’m popping in to write about something that I (thankfully) haven’t had much cause to discuss recently.  But that has reared it’s ugly head over the past few days and I need to put out there.

My little friend…. ANXIETY.  It comes out of nowhere.  It wrecks havoc on all sorts of things.  And this week, it has taken out my immune system, my ability to think rationally about everyday activities, my self esteem, etc. etc. etc.  And this affects my eating, my working out, my mood.

After tossing and turning and hiding under covers and sitting up in the middle of the night to just THINK about what you might be doing wrong is not fun.  So my promises to myself ( which I want to also give to the ones I love so much) include getting back to basics, and remembering that I deserve this happy life!

This morning, that means sitting at work with a calendar, lined paper, and making a to-do list that I know I can accomplish.  It’s thinking day to day, while remembering the big picture, it’s breathing, it’s focusing on one thing, it’s acknowledging this anxiety, and dealing with it as best i can.

Long run scheduled tomorrow = 13 miles.  Head cold has kept me off my feet since a 2.85 fevered run on Tuesday that I sweated my way through.  I am going to wake up tomorrow and see how I feel.  At the very least, I’d like to get in the 6 mile run that some of our group will be doing, but I also don’t want to push it.  Running makes me crazy because I often can’t tell the difference between “don’t want to” and “really should not” when it comes to sickness.  one foot forward, as they say, and one decision at a time.


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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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