Week 7 Plan

Week 7 Running Plan

Monday 2/10 DOR
Tuesday 2/11 3 miles (I got in 2.8)
Wednesday 2/12 DOR – Lots of post-work errands to run.
Thursday 2/13 4 miles (Meetup Group. I say that every week)
Friday 2/14 5 or 6 miles outside (Day off work!)
Saturday 2/15 3 miles (Treadmill after work)
Sunday 2/16 13 miles Long Run (ugh, and then I have to WORK!)

Weekly Dinner Plan
Tuesday Red Lentil Soup: I got the recipe from the bag of lentils. This is my first time making lentil soup. It turned out ok, but my brother (also my kitchen guide and worst critic) immediately said they were over cooked. Oh well, it tasted good and filled me up!
Wednesday Cheeseburgers. That someone else is making for me for dinner. 🙂
Thursday Taco Night! These Bayless sauces are great, and I’m using Laura’s Lean Ground Beef.
Friday Theater Night! And maybe dinner? This is my only night off this week, I think I want to make it a good one.
Saturday TBA – I have to work all day!
Sunday TBA – I have to work all day!


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