Cleveland Marathon Training Weeks One-Five

Officially official!  (Even though I have not registered yet…)
I am now registered for the Cleveland Marathon!  This is week three of training, I have been pretty much sticking to my goals, and I am happy to be back running with an organized group.  I signed up for marathon training with Front Runner.  FR is a small running store (two locations in the central Ohio area), and their schedule and mission seemed to align with my race goals.

Week One 12.30-1.05

Long Run: 6 miles. It was our first long group run. Tough to get up so early, and it was cold, but it was definitely good to be back with a group.

Week Two 1.06-1.12

Long Run: 7 miles. A little tougher this time around, but the weather was a little warmer!

Week Three 1.13-1.19

Long Run: 8 miles. I did this one solo on Saturday. This was one of those weeks where my Saturday night plans trumped my getting up at 6am Sunday morning plans. Went to a craft beer festival and then a birthday party, so the long run got done in the morning. Not a bad day!

Week Four 1.20-1.26

Long Run: [planned] 10 miles. We got cancelled because of snow and wind today. Never quite made up this long run because we’ve had arctic temperatures.

Week Five 1.27-2.02

Long Run: 11 miles. This one was rough. After over a week off of the long runs, and not a lot of chance to run outside, we slogged through this one in freezing cold rain. Total was about 10.5, but hopefully we are back on track.

Moving Forward

I think that making a plan is where I’ve been lacking.  I have stopped making running plans, grocery plans and meal plans, and I am really feeling like I have lost my anchor.  Time to get it back.  This starts Week Six of training.  Sunday’s long run is 12 miles.  It’s already a bad sign that I can’t remember much of the previous weeks, so it’s time to get back to bloggin’!  Keep an eye on me, friends!


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