Training Week 3: 11.18-11.24

Monday: DOR – Sunday turned in to a late night. Oops!

Tuesday: 2 mile run – Got in a quick run before my WW meeting. I like my reservoir route because it is easily adjustable to include hills. Not very long, but it could be a good 7-10 mile loop once I get in to longer runs.

Wednesday: DOR – Left my gym bag at home! D’oh. I was easily talked in to dinner with some friends, so this one was just not hard for me to blow off. I did manage to take a mile walk during my lunch break.

Thursday: 4 mile run – tested out all my after-dark running gear. Headlamp/Vest/Armband. It was chilly and rainy tonight.

Friday: 4 mile run – Another rainy day. I felt pretty sluggish today, and also ended up in an ankle deep puddle towards the end of the run, but I’m glad I got out there.

Saturday: DOR – Working today, not feeling so hot. Needed a solid day off.

Sunday: Cross training – Spin class tomorrow before work! I just found my shower shoes too, so I get the extra bonus experience of showering at the gym. 🙂 Hoping I feel better for spin and work tomorrow.

Also not too keen on these three DORs a week that keep popping up. Along with pushing myself a little more in spin class, my goal next week (even with the food-laden holiday) is to get in all of my runs. Dr.’s appointment on Tuesday morning, which requires fasting though, so there’s a guarenteed DOR right there!

Have a great week, everyone!


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