Training Week 2: 11.11-11.17

Monday: DOR ~ Morning Dr’s appointment before work.

Tuesday: 2 mile run – We got our first snow!  I went out for a trail run, it was a good ‘wake me up’ run!


Wednesday: 20 minute run – Today was a scheduled 1.5 mile run.  I decided to see what traffic is like in the mornings, and whether or not I could fit in a gym run before work.  So I ran 20 minutes on the track.  The answer = traffic is terrible, and yes I can fit it in if I wake up earlier!

Thursday: 3 mile run – STACHE DASH.  Oh my goodness, this was a total blast!  It was a 3 mile timed run through one of my favorite neighborhoods.  It was sponsered by Fleet Feet Columbus, and started and ended at this great movie theater.  The theater recently remodeled, added 40 taps of craft beer, and started showing great movies.  The run ended with a free beer, a growler to fill with more beer, and mustaches.  Lots and lots of mustaches.


Friday: DOR.  Volunteered at the Hot Chocolate Expo.

Saturday: Womp womp – No running, I had to work!

Sunday: Spin!  Now that I’m comfortable with the hand positions and the bike, I will up my resistence next week.

Not a lot of running, but I will pick it up this week.  Starting tomorrow.  No, really.


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