Training Week 1: 11.04-11.10

Monday: 2 mile run – Neighborhood run.  This one was at a faster pace than I usually do, 10:20.  I want to work on speed but stay at a maintainable pace too…

Tuesday: DOR – Tuesdays are becoming my “cooking and go to WW meeting” day.  I work in the evenings, and get a lot done on Tuesday mornings now!

Wednesday:  2.6 mile run – Today was a scheduled 3 mile run, but I ended up seeing a band with my brother spur of the moment.  I rushed through 2.6 in the crazy pouring rain!

Thursday:  DOR – I think the midweek DOR is going to fluxuate between Thursdays and Fridays; sometimes I have Fridays off and it’s easier to fit in!

Friday:  3 mile run – Ran through the OSU campus area today, a little chilly, but a really nice run.

Saturday:  (extra) DOR – Saturday just turned in to a brunch, clothes, groceries, tv kind of day.  Nothin’ wrong with that.  🙂

Sunday:  Cross training – With the Novice Supreme schedule, Sundays start off as “walking” days, but since I’m not so super Novice, and I needed to kick my routine in gear, I signed up for a spinning class!  I have only done it once before, and was pretty intimidated.  The instructor for the class I went to this time was really nice, talked me through setting up my bike, played great classic rock, and proceeded to kick my bum.  So happy I decided to do that, even though I really feel it today!

I went back and forth with my running buddy this week, and we decided based on our work schedules that the Cleveland Marathon on May 18 was going to work better for us.  The Flying Pig course runs all through Cincinatti, and from what I’ve heard that includes all the brutal hills.  As RB (running buddy) says, “I don’t want to HATE my first marathon.”  I agree with her.  I also don’t want to hate Cincinatti.  So the training will be adjusted a bit, but yes indeed, we are running a marathon!


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