Capital City Half Marathon Training (x2): Week 4

Monday = 1.3 walk on the TM over break.
Tuesday = SNOW DAYYYYYY!  Work was cancelled, CARA Six was cancelled (again), and I was LAZY.  I had a meeting in the morning, then I watched tv all day.  I SHOULD have gone for a run before the snow got too bad.  But I did not.
Wednesday = I was bound and determined to make Chick’s Night happen.  I wanted all of March to be run-errific.  But I didn’t leave work in time, so I was super duper late, but still got in about 3.2 miles with the Lincoln Square Chicks.
Weigh In Wednesday – +3.8.  NOT happy.  Back to business time.
Thursday =  Committed to today’s run.  One hour on the treadmill with Chopped and Sweet Genius on the tv.  5.4 miles.
Friday = Day off DOR.  Like I needed another day off…  but my body felt really tired today.  I did walk to and from the movie theater, so not TERRIBLE, but not a great day.
Saturday = 5 miles in the sleety snow.  Grabbed a coffee and some groceries right after, came home and my tummy was unhappy with me the rest of the day.  😦
Sunday = Work work work!  Elliptical to follow.

I have completed all of this week’s March Abs Madness, too.  Side planks are not getting any easier…  But practice makes… a stronger core!

March Abs

March Abs


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