Tuesday “eats”

Looks like I picked the wrong week to start food bloggin’. Because after feeling wishy-washy on Monday, I was REALLY not feeling well yesterday. It is almost not worth tracking my eats, because they’re kind of pathetic, and I feel that tracking while sick defeats the purpose, but here goes nothin’.

Breakfast 6PPs

I revisited Bombay breakfast today, extra cardamom. Nothing exciting here, just oatmeal, but it’s my ultimate comfort food. All from the pantry.

Lunch 3PPs

1 cup Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Bisque. 3PPs
This had been in the pantry for awhile and I needed some soup. It was ok, not great.

Snack 4PPs

Cup of peppermint tea 0PPs
6 pizzelle cookies 4PPs
Pizzelles remind me of my grandma, home, and Christmas time. Another comfort food.

“Dinner” 13PPs

Saltine crackers… approximately 32 crackers 11PPs
8oz Ginger Ale 2PPs
Yeah, tracking while sick, not really worth it. I didn’t have much appetite yesterday after breakfast, so I grazed on crackers, ginger ale and pizzelles most of the day. I did have a few cuties at some point too, but they didn’t taste right and kinda flip flopped my tummy. The rest of the day was spent dozing on the sofa. Boo hooo!


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