Step inside my kitchen!

Today is grocery day!  I love love love grocery shopping.  I love making lists, and planning meals and trying new recipes.  I love finding deals, and I love clipping coupons.  The turning point in my healthy eating changes came when I fully realized that planning was my key to success.  This week, I’m going to try and share some meals, recipes and plans based on today’s grocery trip!

I mentioned to a friend of a friend last week that I spend $50 a week on groceries, just for myself.  She said that sounded really high, so I thought I would break it down.

Meat Free!

Meat Free!

I have also decided to go meat free for Lent. I am still leaving the option open to fish and other seafood, but so far I have been meat free since Wednesday. I don’t eat a lot of meat anyway, but there are certainly times when packaged lunch meat has been my “go to” meal. Time to put my culinary thinking cap on!

My Grocery List:
Snow peas $2.99
Jalapeno pepper $.05
Zucchini $0.80
Bananas $1.46
Apples $1.10
Cucumber $0.69
Radishes $1.49
Avocados $1.00
Kale $1.98
Clementines $3.98 (Bought @ produce store… $2.99 at grocery)
Mini Sweet Peppers $2.98
Canned & bottled
Black beans (x3) $2.67
Green chiles $0.99
Low sodium soy sauce $2.99
Dry goods
BetterOats Oat Fit Oatmeal $1.25
Instant brown rice $2.55
Dairy, etc.
100 calorie yogurts (x3) $3.00
Cheese (reduced fat cheddar & pepper jack) $5.30
Tofu $1.99
Fresh tortillas $0.45
Morningstar Farms Veggie patties (x3) $11.97

Coupons used this trip: $2.55
Coupons earned for future trips: $3.00 plus free carrots!
Grocery store total w/tax: $33.94
Produce store total w/tax: $16.34
Weekly total (2.16-2.22): $50.28

Meatless meal ideas: veggie/tofu stir fry, black bean flautas, kale & black bean salads.
Unpictured items include: frozen portabella ravioli, peanut butter, bread, apple sauce, cauliflower curry, farro, quinoa, quick oats, canned tuna, pasta sauce.

I’m looking forward to sharing this week with you!


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