F^3 (x2) Half Marathon Training: Week 3 Reality

Here’s how I did over the holiday week…

Monday = 25 minutes of cross training + some weights DONE.
Tuesday = Planned 4 miles for final Six Drumsticks Run NOT DONE.  I got so sick and felt nauseous all day.  Thought I had food poisoning!
Wednesday = Planned DOR ~ Travel Day 2.3 Miles DONE.  Since I had to skip my 4 miles Tuesday, I got out a quick run around the neighborhood.
Thursday = Planned 5 Miles ~ Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. DONE in 51:17!  Race Recap to come!
Friday = Yoga (?) If I have room in my suitcase for bricks…  Or I might see if I can get in to dad’s gym in which case, elliptical time!  NOT DONE.  Friday was a DOR.  Did some shopping, then met up with some friends in the evening.
Saturday = Planned 6 Miles ~ Needs to be early because kick-off is at NOON.  GO BUCKS!  Ran around OSU Campus and the stadium!  GREAT run.
Sunday = Planned 3 Miles NOT DONE.  Too much going on on Sunday.

Had a great visit, but ate completely out of control.  And then got anxious about having no control.  Hoping to have a more solid plan at Christmas.  I am happy with what I did do, though.  Sorry to have missed a CARA run this weekend, and another because of the upcoming Santa Hustle, but I am trying my best to stick to a plan!


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