F^3 (x2) Half Marathon Training: Week 1

11.05-11.11 = First week of training for the F^3 Half Marathon!

Monday = 3 Miles (straight off the plane from Vegas!)  Fast paced, too!
Tuesday = DOR/DOStanding at the Obama Election Headquarters
Wednesday = 3.3 on Treadmill
Thursday = SICK DOR.  I pushed myself way too hard this week and hit a serious wall after the TM on Wednesday.
Friday = Yoga
Saturday = 4 miles.  First group run, with the 11:30s this time.
Sunday = 2nd DOR

I spent the weekend in Vegas visiting my BFF!  We had a lot of fun catching up, and maybe a little too much fun on the Vegas Strip!  I went straight from the airport to training kick-off, and almost as soon as I got there, we headed out for our fun run.  It’s great to get back in to a groove!  This was a quick paced run, I think we were close to 10:45.

Tuesday was Election Day, and I had to make sure I voted!  I ended up skipping my group run because I had tickets to get in to the Obama Campaign election night party, so no exercise Tuesday (and also no sleep…  home at 3a.m.).  After work Wednesday, I hit the treadmill and ended up SO sick after.  Knocked flat on my bum the rest of the weekend.

I did get out for the group run on Saturday, though.  Started off with a great 4 mile run.  And a really good group of runners and leaders.  Excited to be back out there again.  🙂  My goal is to stick to the training schedule (and to work on post-run stretching.)  So far…  not perfect, but workin’ on it.


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