Frank Lloyd Wright Races Week Three Training ~ Recap

Time to see how successful I was this week!  Pre-planning and looking at the calendar made me feel a little more in control last week.  I should learn from my own advice…

Tentative Plan/Actual Week
Monday: 3 Treadmill/2.96 Treadmill
Tuesday: 3 Outside post work/2.84 Neighborhood
Wednesday: 4 Treadmill @ Fitness center post work/5+ Mile walk
Thursday: DOR or Yoga/4.14 Treadmill
Friday: Elliptical/bike/DOR
Saturday: : 7 River run in a.m./6.84 river run
Sunday: 4 Treadmill ~ Fitness Center/3.5 Elliptical
Total miles: 21/20.3 Running & Cross training (plus 5 miles walking.)

This has been my most successful week in the past few months in terms of sticking to a plan.  And clearly, the first part of STICKING to a plan is making that plan in the first place.

A little bit of tapering going on this week, but I decided to join up with CARA for another of their Six Series!  This one is Six Drumsticks (which, incidentally means six weeks til Turkey Day).  You may recall that I also did the Summer Six series with them.  I sort of half-assed my running recaps, so my goal this time around is to log those runs and share them with you, my dear runnin’ readers!

Also, SO excited about the Frank Lloyd Wright Races this weekend!  Last year I did the 5k (Time: 36:05 Pace: 11:37) and it was one of the first runs where I was able to run the entire race without stopping.  It was a beautiful chilly fall day, running through the gorgeous Oak Park neighborhood past homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  After finishing my race, I watched all the 10k runners pass by.  I was so inspired by them, and never imagined that I could do something like that.  So…  bring it on, FLW10k.  I feel ready!


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