Waiting for the other shoe?

Week 4 of LIFETIME and I feel like I am gambling.
Of course, the goal and the whole point is that I want to make THIS my lifestyle.  I want everything I do to be liveable and reasonable.
Well, with really exciting and wonderful plans, and the return of college football, I have sort of stepped outside the boundaries. I have been tracking less, and drinking more. Working out less, and eating more junk. I feel like I am not making the best decisions all the way around.
And what’s been consistently happening? I have been losing weight. Nothing significant, nothing noticeable, nothing major, but this has potential for DISASTER! It’s not that I want to gain, it’s that I expect to gain and when I don’t, I am really afraid that it’s mentally green lighting bad habits…
Continual work in progress, learning new things every single day.


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