Race Recap: WKHS Cross-Country Labor Day 5k

Monday 9/03 ~ Worthington Kilbourne High School Cross Country Labor Day 5k

Time: 31:19 ~ 5k  10:07/mile pace.

Labor Day PR!  Woo Hoo!  I have to admit, I’ve been getting a little…  well, not lazy, but I haven’t really been challenging myself much recently. I’ve been enjoying the summer, and have managed to maintain my weight, but I am ready for a new challenge!

I spent Labor Day visiting my family.  Saturday was a GREAT day in Ohio Stadium watching my Buckeyes beat Miami, OH.  Started off the morning with a humid 4ish miles, but finished that run with a stop to see my BFF at his job at DK Diner.  (DK stands for DONUT KITCHEN.)  SO yeah, we had donuts for breakfast, followed by tailgate beers.

The rest of the weekend went in a similar direction; I spent Sunday night at my brother’s house and we enjoyed a great cook out and cocktails.  My decision to run this 5k was last minute, and am I glad I went for it.

The race started at Worthington Hills Middle School, which is about 1.4 miles from their house.  Registration started at 8:00, so I got up and headed out the door.  Sometimes if you think about these things, they just won’t happen!  Walked past a family setting up a hydration table in their front yard and they were filling cups from their lawn hose.  I LOVE NEIGHBORHOOD RUNS!  That was just the cutest detail for me, I loved it.


I finished 123 out of 208 participants.  207 other people, aged 8-80 showed up at 9am on a holiday to run.  To walk.  To enjoy their neighbors.  To support a team.  To be friendly and have fun.  I LOVED it.  And I pushed myself hard and enjoyed this flat course and earned my PR.

I almost got a ride back to the house in a golf cart too, but I told the driver I needed to keep walking to stretch my legs.  🙂

Don’t ask.  Just run.

Run Faster
Just try it…

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