Race Recap: F^3 Beer and Burgers 5k

Thursday 8/20 ~ F^3 Beer and Burgers 5k

Time: 50:55  16:26/mile pace walking.

Over the summer (I am just realizing how bad I was at keeping up with my summer posts), I trained with CARA for their Summer Six Series.  The Summer Six trained me to run right after work, and enjoy a beer right after my run.  🙂  So obviously, Beer and Burgers 5k was the perfect goal race.

I asked a few friends if they wanted to do this one with me, and got to do spend some QT with my BFF.  It’s rare that I do a race where I stick with someone I know, so this was fun.  We walked the course and kept a pretty nice pace!


The volunteers were fantastic.  Incredibly friendly, encouraging, and everything went smoothly.  A smaller crowd, and EVERYONE wanted a burger after!  The food was great, and all in all, I really liked it!  This one is on my list to run next year!

Also, I always think about how hard it is to be a “slow finisher” or to cross a finish line to weary volunteers and people wandering all over the course.  When this man crossed the finish line, everyone cheered.  I LOVE runners.


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