All quiet on the Western front…

Hello all.  I have been a little quiet recently.  After an eye opening trip away, I have been enjoying the past few weeks of GREAT Chicago summer weather, spending time with my delightful friends, and trying not to dwell on things I simply can not change.  Feeling out of control is certainly a scary feeling, so I have been enjoying getting back on my feet, back in the game, etc.

This is my last week of maintenance.  I did have a gain last week (+2.8) which put me dangerously close to going over my goal.  Discipline is as important as making the program “live-able” so I am still searching for that balance.  One thing that has helped has been breakfast.  Between planning a morning smoothie, and prepping overnight oatmeal, I have had a good handle on my groceries, fresh produce, and what food I will need to be successful throughout a week.

Weekends are still a struggle for me, but always moving forward!  Last week was also the last of the CARA Summer Six Series.  I had a GREAT time running with the group, met some fun runners, and enjoyed being out of my comfort zone, but one drawback was the unending flow of bar food.  The runs end with a free Goose Island 312, but then each bar would continue to send out wings, fries, chips, salsa, dips, spreads, cheese, nachos, etc. etc. etc.  TRIGGER TRIGGER TRIGGER foods!

This week’s focus is going to be BACK TO BASICS.  100oz water, 5+ servings of fruit/vegetables, 30+ minutes of activity per day, and 7-8 hours of sleep.  Bring it on, WEEK!

Eat Fruit

It’s as simple as that…


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