… the fitness center at work opens up to staff and faculty.  This could change EVERYTHING about how I structure my day.

My workout routine...

My workout routine…

I’ve never been so excited by the proximity of a treadmill before…  But the students might feel differently…

Obligitory Awkward Workout Photo

Obligitory Awkward Workout Photo

Also, if you want to see more of my Before & After story, visit a guest post at Living, Laughing & Losing!  Thanks, Kim!


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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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One Response to Tomorrow…

  1. Hahha I completely forgot about Mystikal till now. Thanks for that. We have a new gym at work and it’s been awesome being able to crank out a workout right after work and have it be done with by 5:30. The fact that traffic isn’t quite as bad by then is also a plus!

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