Smoothie Week: Finally FRIDAY!

I wanted this week’s smoothie to be a real treat.  Behold… the Not So Fat Elvis.

The Not So Fat Elvis (Peanut butter and banana) Smoothie

Natural Peanut Butter

1 tbsp PB2, 1PPs (?)
1 tsp Smuckers Natural Chunky Peanut Butter, 1PPs
1 ripe banana, 0PPs
1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1PPs
2-3 ice cubs 0PPs

This one was so wildly anticipated…  that I forgot to take a picture.  😦  There are some foods that are all the rage with Weight Watchers members.  Fat free Greek Yogurt, Overnight Oats, and even VitaTop Muffins are ones I totally get behind.  PB2 has not wowed me…  Essentially, the oil is removed (by magic?) from peanuts, and they are then pulverized in to powder.  You can reconstitute it with water for a “peanut butter like spread.”

I put 1tbsp in this smoothie, blended it, and headed straight to the cupboard for the real deal.  The beauty of this program is being flexible, and making things “work” in your points budget.  I think I’ll continue to make room for as many real foods as possible!  Nom nom nom.


1 thought on “Smoothie Week: Finally FRIDAY!”

  1. I only eat regular peanut butter. I don’t buy the reduced fat junk… I saw Better’n Peanut Butter in the grocery store and I bought it. Then had a tiny lick and was like “Mehhhhh.” Kind of wish I didn’t buy it at all…. =)

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