Smoothie Week: Thirsty Thursday

It’s. So. Humid.  Last night I went out for a short run, and felt like I was running through a wool blanket.  TOO HOT.  Went out for drinks and delicious food after the run, and had a few drinks.  All of this has added up to drinking water like a fish today.  Can’t get enough!

Today’s smoothie is a variation of “The Spa” from Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks.

The Spa Smoothie

The Spa

1 medium peeled cucumber, 0PPs
1 cup chopped melon, 0PPs
1 ripe banana, 0PPs
1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1PPs
2-3 ice cubs 0PPs

I made a few adjustments to the recipe, which calls for cucumber, melon and mint.  I didn’t have any mint, regrettably.  I ended up chopping up the melon and cucumber on Sunday and freezing them because the melon was almost too ripe.  I set them out to thaw while I had my oats, so they were on the soft-ish side, but still icy.

The consistency of this, because it was frozen, was a little more slushy than creamy.  I added the banana to get some more sweetness.  I think that mint and a little honey would have been good added in here too, but all in all, it was incredibly refreshing and I really liked it!


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