Smoothie Week: Stormy Strawberry Tuesday

Woke up to a monster thunderstorm today!  It was thundering and lightening and pouring down rain, and this was just the kick I needed to get out of bed!  Today’s smoothie was strawberry/banana/spinach!

Strawberry Banana Spinach Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Spinach

Strawberry Banana Spinach

1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1PPs
1 large handful of spinach, 0PPs
1/2 cup (or more) chopped strawberries, 0PPs
1 ripe banana, 0PPs
2-3 ice cubes, 0PPs

1 Points Plus total, if you’re just looking at ingredients going in*.

The Green Monster has been claimed as a movement HERE, but I have a feeling folks have been putting spinach in smoothies for much longer than 2009.  I decided to give it a whirl (blender pun intended) a few weeks ago.  Everyone has said it, but I’ll reiterate…  YOU CAN’T TASTE THE SPINACH!  It is very good!  And incredibly diverse in terms of what you can do with the flavors.  There are millions of recipes out there!

What is YOUR favorite Green Monster?

* To clarify, one of my (only) issues with WW’s recipe builder is that it is based off of nutritional information, so even foods that, according to the Points Plus plan have 0 points (most fruit and vegetables), will still add up when put together in a recipe. If I eat a handful of spinach, 1/2 cup of strawberries, a banana and almond milk SEPARATELY for breakfast it’s 1 point. If I track them together in the recipe builder, this is a 5PPs smoothie. I’m sticking to my de-constructed tracking for now, and that works, but be aware that my recipes might not be exact!


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