Planning makes me…

Tomorrow is a really big day for a nerd like me.

THIS is happening:

Movie Stub
Approximately 7.5 hours of bliss

So that means that THIS is happening:

Movie Snacks
Planning is Winning

What we have here is the biggest victory to date.  The movies have been an epic downfall for me in my weight loss.  I might even say the Bane of my existence (yeah, I did that).  I have a weakness for buttered popcorn, M&Ms, Cherry Coke, Twizzlers and Gummy Bears.  And Swedish Fish. And Peanut M&Ms.  And…  you get the idea.

What you’re seeing here is clearly NOT a lot of “OP” (on plan) foods.  But what you do see is a really serious attempt at CONTROL.  All of these treats have been weighed, measured and tracked for my outing tomorrow.  I have vegetables sliced, and two healthy meals planned out in the day time, and I am letting myself have this (k)night.

2oz Smartfood Popcorn: 4PPs
0.5oz Kettle Corn: 2PPs
2 Snack Size Kit Kats: 4PPs
2 Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups: 4PPs
5 Rainbow Twizzlers: 4PPs
1 Coke Zero Big Enough to Swim In (Not Pictured): 0PPs

In light of full disclosure, we are meeting at the grocery store and probably buying some wine to take in too.  And I will track that as honestly as I can.  But currently, I have 11 Daily Points, and 49 Weekly Points to fit that in to my splurge too.  I got this.

Dark Right Rises
Sirius-ly, this will be epic.

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