Wendy Plan Day 3 Food Log

Wendy Plan: Day Three
Breakfast: Green Monster Smoothie with 1 TBSp PB2, 1 cup almond milk, spinach, banana and ice.  2PP+

Mid-day Snack: Overnight Oats 5PP+
Lunch: Cincinatti Chili, Cheese, saltines 8PP+
Snack: 1/2 Luna Bar, Gardetto’s Reduced Fat Snacks 9PP+ (here’s where it kinda goes downhill)
Dinner: BBQ Pork Banh Mi, Coconut water Est. 11PP+ but probably more
Movies in the park snacks: Twizzlers, Whoppers, Popcorn, beer 21PP+
Wendy Plan Target + Activity Points – Points Used = Net
28 + 5 -56 = -23. NEGATIVE ONE WHOLE DAY. Ooooof.
And guess what? I did all this because I’m celebrating my birthday early. And I was trying to plan ahead, because I have another dinner tomorrow. I still have some WPs left to splurge on, and I feel confident that I can make wise decisions during the day, but will power is going to be difficult for me tomorrow.


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