Summer of Challenges: Week Three-ish

Remember that time when I wanted to do five challenges at once?  And then I got derailed and started beating myself up about it?  Yeah, that’s where we are right now…  Instead of documenting all the challenges I skipped, I think it would be better to remember what I *did* do these days, and remember how good those days felt….

Monday 6/11
Got in a good short morning run, 2.3 miles.  Got my water in, but yoga didn’t happen.  Also, an impromptu dinner out for a friend’s birthday ended up with me having a margarita and chicken nachos for dinner.  :-/

Tuesday 6/12
Good: Made time for the gym.  2.3 miles on the treadmill.  Passed the #100oz challenge.  No yoga today, and I had a movie theater hot dog for dinner.  But I DID say no thank you to the bucket of popcorn being passed around the group.

Wednesday 6/13
Today was ok, food-wise.  I went to Au Bon Pain for dinner and loaded up on the salad bar!  Salads taste SO much better when someone prepares them for you.  🙂  I honestly can’t remember if I did yoga today.  Went on a date.  It’s not meant to be, so that was…  not as great.
Weigh In Wednesday: +2.8 I. Am. Frustrated.

Thursday 6/14
Thursday might have been a highlight of my week!  I had reservations with a friend to check out Vincent.  Originally, we were going to do their chef’s tasting menu but they were in between tastings, and trying out a new summer menu.  I was planning on using this as an indulgence meal, and boy was it absolutely worth it.  We ended up splitting a delish beet salad, amazing mussels, and a chocolate cake/peanut butter mousse/sea salt dessert that brought a tear to the eye.  We each had a crisp cool cocktail called bubbles and flowers, and it was a happy happy happy meal.  After dinner, I popped in to the grocery store and got some fruit and milk for the rest of the week.  I am on a tight budget so have been going to the store every few days to buy things I might need!  A good day to just…  relax.  And enjoy every bite.

Friday 6/15
Did I say Thursday was the highlight of my week?  Well…  maybe it was Friday.  Because on Friday I discovered that Gene’s Sausage Shop has a rooftop bar.  And I got out of work early and found out that my lovely besties where there waiting for me.  These are friends from grad school, who I just adore.  And we ran in to some other friends from school, and just soaked up a GORGEOUS summer day.


So…  I planned for Thursday’s indulgence.  But not Friday’s.  I did get in 2.7 miles in the morning though…  100oz challenge also complete.

Saturday 6/16
HAIL!  The return of Saturday yoga in millennium park!  Last summer, we tried to do this every week.  It is such a great way to start your morning!  Saturday night I went to see Nick Offerman and it was FANTASTIC.  (You may know him better as Ron Swanson!)

Ron Swanson in a Tiny Hat!

I stayed within points today, but really only ate 2 meals.  I really need to re-evaluate my planning.

Sunday 6/17
Well…  I am sure you’ve heard it before…  but it is HOT in Chicago this week.  All I want to do is drink iced coffees and beer, and eat ice cream and cold fresh fruit.  I decided to clear the cobwebs, and just GET OUT THERE on Sunday.  I walked to the Lakefront (hello, old friend) and ended up doing a solid walk/run of about 5 miles.  Combined with the walk to and from, I covered 8 miles and drank a lot of water.  Felt overheated and headach-y in the afternoon.  HYDRATION in this heat is just KEY!

What do you do when your week has ups and down?


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One Response to Summer of Challenges: Week Three-ish

  1. debc says:

    I did that once… back in January I joined a handful of challenges I thought would compliment each other and then… Life (with a capital L) happened and derailed everything. I’m just now recovering from it enough to be consistent. Crazy how that happens.

    Sounds like you had a great week, though!

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