Summer of Challenges: Week Two

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

Monday 6/4
#100ozChallenge: Complete
#WWGHGChallenge: 5 fruit and vegetable servings
#RWRunStreak: 4 miles (Neighborhood loop in the morning)
#33DaysOfYoga: Evening run stretches and mediatation
#PlankADay: Complete

Tuesday 6/5
#100ozChallenge: Complete
#WWGHGChallenge: 7 servings of fruit and vegetables
#RWRunStreak: 1 mile run to the gym
#33DaysOfYoga: PiYo at the gym
#PlankADay: Complete

Wednesday 6/6
Here’s where the week goes off…
#100ozChallenge: Complete
#WWGHGChallenge: 8
#RWRunStreak: 4 miles with Fleet Feet Chick’s Night. About 3 miles in, at Rockwell and Argyle, I tripped on a lip in the sidewalk and came down hard. Scraped up my left palm and really banged up my right knee. Bloody, sore mess. Hobbled back to Fleet Feet and cleaned up, then headed home. Really painful.
#33DaysOfYoga: Not complete ~ My hand was a mess
#PlankADay: Not complete ~ My body was SORE and I was shaken up.

Thursday 6/7
#100ozChallenge: Complete
#WWGHGChallenge: 4 servings of fruit and vegetables
#RWRunStreak: Recovery DOR
#33DaysOfYoga: Recovery DOR
#PlankADay: Too sore

Friday 6/8
#100ozChallenge: Complete
#WWGHGChallenge: 5
#RWRunStreak: Not complete
#33DaysOfYoga: Not complete
#PlankADay: Not complete

On my way home from a conference, I got a call that my mother was taken to the emergency room, and headed in for an emergency colectomy. My family is a six hour drive away. I had no idea what to do. I felt helpless, powerless, and somewhat useless. My solution was to stay glued to my phone, on my porch, with close friends and too much beer. I know healthier choices could have made the me feel better, but I did not have the energy to put any of that forward. Praying hard wiped me out.

Saturday 6/9
#100ozChallenge: Complete (A new love for iced tea in this challenge)
#WWGHGChallenge: 4 servings of fruit and vegetables.
#RWRunStreak: I still haven’t run. I am paranoid, I am feeling lazy, I am still sore, and I just have a mental block.
#33DaysOfYoga: DVD at home in the afternoon. And it was great. Sore hands and knees, had to move gingerly and carefully in to poses. But it felt great to stretch these muscles out.
#PlankADay: Not complete

Sunday 6/10 (In progress)
#100ozChallenge: 40oz water so far.
#WWGHGChallenge: 2 servings of fruit so far
#RWRunStreak: I just don’t know if I’m going to get it in. Blah.
#33DaysOfYoga: I’d rather do yoga than run today. Double blah.
#PlankADay: Not done… yet.

How does stress effect your workout schedule? Do you find working out is more or less stressful?


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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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