Race Recap: Ravenswood Run

Ravenswood Run.  4/29/12.  Race #12.  5k #7.

Time: 32:17

Ravenswood Run

Roomie’s First 5k!!

This a FANTASTIC race!  And it was Yasmin’s first 5k!  Yas started Couch to 5k in January, so the Ravenswood Run was the perfect time for her to put all those intervals to work and experience her first official run.  On the way to the starting line, I told her it was my ritual sacrifice of a race virgin…  and it must have worked because I set a new 5k PR!

The most surprising thing about this PR is that I had just finished the Lakefront 10 Miler the day before, and I was supposed to be tapering for my 1/2 marathon the following week.  I was pretty creaky going down our stairs, but luckily the starting line was about 2 blocks from home, so we didn’t have far to walk.  When we got to the pre-race events, I saw from a few folks’ Lakefront 10 Tech Tees that I wasn’t the only crazy one running again, so that felt better!

Ravenswood was a FANTASTIC run.  Similar to the Frank Lloyd Wright Races in Oak Park, this has a very neighborhood feel to it.  The great thing about this one is that it’s MY neighborhood!  We ran a great course through the tree-lined streets of Ravenswood, and those neighbors who weren’t running were outside waving and cheering.

I honestly don’t remember a lot of particulars about this race except that when I turned the corner and saw the finish line, I really turned up my speed, and felt fantastic once I was finished!  To give you a sense of how “neighborhood-y” this race is, my results show that my time was evenly tied with a 55 year old and a 10 year old.  Yay, Ravenswood!

Ravenswood Results

Neighborhood runs rock!



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