A summer of Challenges…

How was your Memorial Day weekend?  Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend and took some time to remember those who have served.

Memorial Day is marking the start of my summer of fitness challenges.  It may be rough going, but they are called “challenges” for a reason, right?  I have a few short term fitness challenges, a perpetual Plank A Day challenge, and also a fun Weight Watchers based “Good Health Guidelines” challenge.

33 Days of Yoga (#33DaysOfYoga)

Nothing too clever here!  I turn 33 on July 1st, and I want to do 33 days of yoga before my 33rd birthday.  Day one is tomorrow today, May 29th.  I plan on waking up to my yoga dvd, doing yoga at the gym, or celebrating the triumphant return of Yoga in the Park at Millennium Park.

Runner’s World Summer Running Streak (#RWRunStreak)

This is a brand new edition to an already busy summer!  I just came across it today, and it literally inspired me to stop sitting around on my couch and lace up my running shoes at 7pm on a 95 degree day.  The Runner’s World Summer Running Streak is encouraging runners to log at least a mile every day from Memorial Day to the 4th of July.  I usually run 3 days a week, but since I am not really training for anything right now, this has been lacking.  I think the true challenge of this one will be not getting too burnt out on routes, staying motivated in the heat, and running injury free all summer.  A true challenge.  The other unique thing about this challenge is that running a mile is 12 minutes or less, so I may end up running on some lunch breaks here or there!

Plank A Day (#PlankADay)

Try to plank.  Every day.  Forever?  I was doing great on this one, and then really started slacking.  And I can feel it in my core, and my spaghetti arms.  These are areas that I want to work on, and the Plank Police can help me.  I want to keep up with Plank A Day every day.  Right now, 43 seconds.  I would like to get up to 1:30 by the end of the summer.

Good Health Guidelines Challenge (#WWGHGChallenge)

I am doing this one with an online group for the summer.  It will be a nine week challenge, with each week focusing on one of Weight Watchers’ Good Health Guidelines (GHG – not greenhouse gases :)).  These include drinking at least 48oz water a day (No problem here…  I’m a faithful #100ozChallenge participant), focusing on fruits, vegetables, dairy. lean proteins, whole grains and healthy oils.  These are things that are easy to forget, or let slide when your summer gets busy, so I know that this challenge will help me work on one GHG a week, moving towards re-incorporating them in to my daily life.

Sooo…  I might be setting myself up for a lot of structured goals, and I don’t know how they will go, but I am ready for a great summer!

What summer goals do you have?  Do you think any of these challenges will help you get there?


1 thought on “A summer of Challenges…”

  1. I am with you on the GHG’s and I think would like to complete the plank a day for the summer at least…I am also going to complete the C25K program again! I love your inspiration! Now to find the motivation! XOXO. You’re a Ledgend, Katy!

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