Torture Thursday…

So, I’m not sure if the torture is for the torture I inflicted on myself, or the torture of uploading an unflattering, sweaty photo, but here goes:

Sweaty Mess

The aftermath of the arc trainer

I trained for the Capital City Half Marathon for about ten weeks, so March to May had a really strong schedule of running Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, elliptical Friday and Sunday, and usually yoga or strength on Tuesdays.  Looking through my training plan, I did pretty well, and ultimately, I was happy with the result.  My goal was to finish at 2:30:00, but when I went back and looked at my time for the F^3 Half Marathon and realized I finished in 2:39:22, I realized that taking off almost 10 minutes in 4 months without hardcore training was just not realistic.  So I am incredibly happy with the 2:34:00 finish.  (Especially finishing on the nose like that!  :))

Getting back to the grindstone, and in to a routine has been hard.  If I had the money and the time, I think I would schedule 1/2 marathons ever 13 weeks so I could train, run, take a week off, then start training all over again, because I obviously do well with schedules.  But financially that is just not possible.  I also want to shake things up a bit for myself, and maybe try a new class at the gym this summer.  I really need to work on my upper body strength, I have noodle arms!

Getting in to the gym yesterday and busting out 30 minutes on the arc trainer felt really really good.  Right now, I’m running because I like it, it helps clear my mind, and it’s good “exercise.”  But I don’t push myself too hard anymore.  I think that since I have been going for distance, I find myself in a leisurely pace, and just stick there…  So I need a good kick in the bum every right now to bust out of this plateau!


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  1. Running makes me extra hungry. Oh well!

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