Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 11


Monday = I was really sore today after my 11 mile long run over the weekend.  I had been planning on a run, but opted for a long, brisk walk instead.  A great walk through my new favorite area of Chicago, Budlong Woods.
Tuesday = 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I stopped in to the gym before work today.  I am rarely at the gym at 10:30 on a Tuesday, and it was PACKED.  A brief weigh in told me I was not going to see a loss this week….  Went out to a really cute restaurant for dinner though (think old school supper club):  L. Woods and I planned out what I was going to order before hand, so I felt pretty good!
Wednesday = Made it back to Chick’s Night at Fleet Feet.  It had been AGES.  When I signed in when I got there, I realized I hadn’t been there since March 28th.  TOO LONG!  I really want to get there as much as possible, so this is my Wednesday priority now!
Weigh-In Wednesday = +1.2.  Better than expected but….  still frustrating.
Thursday = 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Tapering, so less running but trying to stay active!
Saturday= Lakefront 10 Miler! 2:00:13 finish! Race recap to follow.
Sunday= Ravenswood 5k! 32:17! A new PR! Race recap to follow.

I am getting SO excited for the Capital City Half Marathon! Driving from Chicago on Thursday. Here’s a little (hilarious) preview of what’s to come, courtesy of Jen! (Visit her at!)


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