Breakfast Week: Sunday Breakfast

Saturday’s Pre-Race Breakfast was really enough food to keep me fueled for all 10 miles. Only problem was that I had to use the bathroom while on the race course! NO FUN. My post-race breakfast was not all that spectacular. I had been craving some wonderful baked good, and got a coffee cake muffin at Dunkin Donuts on my way home. (Along with a GIANT COFFEE because I never thought I would be warm again! 14PPs for that muffin… plus 1 extra for the butter I put on it. This was incredibly indulgent and just what I wanted.

Sunday’s pre-race breakfast was similar (just one slice of toast though… 5k = less toast 🙂 )

Breakfast Week: Breakfast + Lunch = Leakfast.


1/2 Black bean patty: 2PPs
1 slice white bread: 2PPs
1 tsp mayo: 1PPs
Side of fresh fruit: OPPs

For whatever reason, I was overwhelmed with invites to go out to breakfast or dinner events last week. And after my running buddies finished up the Ravenswood 5k on Sunday, they asked me to brunch with them. Even though I was leary of spending the money, I’m hardpressed to turn down brunch with friends.
One thing that is a key to successful weight loss is how you handle going out for meals. Because planning every bite you take, and preparing all your food at home is just… unrealistic. For me, the key to success (which I am still learning) is to SPEAK UP! Ask how dishes are prepared. Ask what things come with. Alternate steamed veggies for fries. And remember, even though this is a meal that is not being prepared from your own kitchen, dining out is not an excuse to over-indulge. Make the special events SPECIAL! (My mantra for this is “celebrate every day…. but remember, every day is not a ‘celebration’!”.)

At the charming caffe DeLuca in Bucktown, I decided to skip breakfast all together and order off the lunch menu. I got a black bean burger, no cheese and had them add some red onion. What I forgot to do was ask for the mayo (oh, I’m sorry… the herb aioli) on the side. Honestly, “on the side” should be my catch phrase. Anyway, sammie came with mayo. No biggie. I skipped the fries on the side and had a great fruit cup. Had 1/2 of the burger and was completely happy with my meal. The other half came with me to work for dinner tonight. Portion control and asking for what you want… these are my tools of the trade.

How do you handle meals out?


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