Breakfast Week: Pre-race Breakfast


Here’s my Pre-race breakfast!


Ezekiel bread: 4PPs
Peanut butter: 3PPs
Honey: 1PP


5 thoughts on “Breakfast Week: Pre-race Breakfast”

  1. it’s not bad. i decided to get the cinnamon raisin. it is a pretty dense bread, but more substantial than most 2PP breads! The only thing I don’t like is that it is SO expensive. I don’t eat bread very often, so that helps, but it’s close to $5 a loaf.

  2. What kind of peanut butter are you using? I have been enjoying Better n Peanut butter, its 2 PPs for 2 tablespoons.

    1. I have been using reduced fat Jiff. I don’t eat peanut butter very often, so i’ve had the same jar for months! mostly just looking for the protein, but i’ve always been curious about the better’n stuff. have you heard of PB2? That’s supposed to be low points too!

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