Breakfast Week: Friday (Part One: The jewel in the crown)


Breakfast Week: Friday Fruit Salad


2 sliced strawberries: 0PPs
5 blackberries: 0PPs
1/2 medium mango, chopped: 0PPs
1/2 medium banana, sliced: 0PPs
1/8 cup low fat granola: 1PPs
1 cup skim milk: 2PPs

Occasionally I get Fridays off of my job. I try to use these days to catch up with my theater friends who have more free daytimes, and today is no exception! I am going out for breakfast at one of my favorite Andersonville spots… But we’re not going out until 10:30. I was wide awake at 7:30 with a growling stomach!

I was thinking of what low Points Plus “Pre-breakfast” I could have, and also of what fruit I had left in the house. I knew I would have coffee, so I always measure out a cup of milk, pour what I want in to the coffee and drink the rest. Or, like today, I will pour it over cereal, fruit, or oatmeal.

There is this concept that a fellow WW-er swears by, and I have been making a conscious effort to follow up on it. It’s this notion of finding the “jewel in the crown” of your meal. It’s that thing, that treat, that tasty bit, that fattening indulgent bite that is SO GOOD. A perfect example of this would be the granola in this mix. Granola, sadly, is not a very point friendly food. It is usually high in fat and sugar (which is why it’s so tasty!), and one half cup can run 5 points or more. This jewel in the crown could be 1/4 cup of that special, tasty, awesome granola over fresh fruit! Or what about a couple fried shrimp over a large green salad? Or some fresh grated parmesan cheese sprinkled over a baked sweet potato? It’s taking something you LOVE, enjoying it in moderation, and pairing it with foods that will leave you filled and satisfied! Because if you’re not happy… What’s it all worth?

I will report back with Part Two… Friday Breakfast: Eating Out!

What’s your “jewel in the crown”?


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One Response to Breakfast Week: Friday (Part One: The jewel in the crown)

  1. Clara says:

    My current breakfast one is peanut butter. I’ve been having 0% Fage with low sugar preserves (1 tbsp) and peanut butter (1 tsp). Even though 1 tsp doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s my jewel. It doesn’t have to be in every bite but when I get a peanut butter bite, it’s amazing!

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