Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 10


Monday = 3 miles in the neighborhood. Ran mid-morning before work, took it slow. SNOT MACHINE. But… a good run.
Tuesday Travel day! Was getting ready to head out to a conference, and decided to get a nice long-ish midweek run in. Did a little over 4 miles along the lake after popping in to a nearby WW meeting. Felt a little silly weighing in while wearing my running clothes, but it was worth it! Great weather and a good run!
Weigh-In Tuesday-0.4. Moving back in the right direction. Slowly. I decided to check out the new to me Weight Watchers center at Wilson Yard. I LOVED the leader. I love my leader too, but if I ever have another Tuesday afternoon free, I’ll go back. Always fun to get a change in scenery!
Wednesday = Good Mornin’ Memphis! I did 3.3 on the treadmill in the nice gym at the Peabody Hotel. It’s been awhile since I’ve had such an early morning run! Felt good to start a day off this way.
Thursday = Oy. It was a little hard today… Beale St. got the best of me, and my conference roommates are EARLY risers. When I say early, I mean 5:30a.m. I think they were trying to avoid the morning shower rigamarole but I was not a happy camper. Got to the gym and waited a few minutes for a free elliptical. Nice to see so many others committed to starting the day off healthy, the gym was hoppin’ at 7a.m!
Friday= DOR/Travel day. Guzzled loads of water.
Saturday = 11.2. A victory.

Saturday mornings!

This felt good. I had to find a lot of personal motivation, but I DID keep going.
Sunday = I think today is a DOR. I may do yoga tonight. My quads are not too happy.

The rest of the week is going to be great! I am pulling back a bit, a few 3 mile runs. I also won entry to CARA’s Lakefront 10 miler on Saturday! Aside from the 1/2 marathon in January, this will be my longest race. Looking forward to it! Then the Ravenswood 5k on Sunday. Busy busy busy running weekend!


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