Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 9


Monday-Wednesday = Sick! Went to the doc, got anti-biotics and rested up!
Weigh In Wednesday +1.2. Pity-me eating. Candy crazy. Thai food extravaganza. No groceries.
Thursday = Running time. Woo Hoo! Today was a treadmill day. I decided to take her slow, watch my speed, and get a few miles in. Slowly easing back.
Friday = Exhausting day. Ended up doing some errands on my day off. Have been sort of wallowing in feeling sorry for myself. Spending too much money, eating too much candy, just off. I decided to go grocery shopping and plan my week. I felt a MILLION times better. 30 minutes on the elliptical, and all this healthy food:

Saturday= 6.25 miles. 12:26 minute miles. Amazing weather. Gorgeous run. Just what I needed.
Sunday = DOR.
I am slowly getting back on track but trying to block a sugar binge from my brain… And taste buds. Headed out of town this week, planning on running tomorrow, go to a WW meeting on Tuesday, head out of town that night, then see what the Peabody hotel and the Memphis running scene are all about!


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