Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 8

4.2-4.8. Literally not much to report from week 8, other than I’m worried by how much being sick will affect my training.

Monday = Really wonderful run.  Went to the river path again, perfect weather and great speed.
Tuesday = Had tickets to go see Gotye tonight. Concert was fun, heard everything I wanted, but by the end of the show, I was leaning against a column sniffling and clearing my throat.  OH. NOES.
Wednesday = Fact 1.  Woke up sniffly, spacey, sore throaty.  Fact 2.  Took cold medicine.  Fact 3.  My tummy did not like cold medicine.  Had to call in sick.  Felt horrid.  All day.
Weigh In Wednesday Didn’t happen.
Thursday = I was helping out at my old job tonight, so I got up, packed my clothes, went to work.  Headed to the gym and tried to run 2 miles on the treadmill, then went to job #2.  Did I mention that I felt like total garbage?  Why?  Why did I think ANY of this was a good idea?  Lesson learned….  don’t push it.  SERIOUSLY.  Just.  Don’t.
Weigh In Thursday -1.2.  I made it to a meeting today.  Lowest number yet, but I don’t expect that one to last….
Friday/Saturday/Sunday = I did learn my lesson. I decided not to push anything, and honestly I had no choice. My cold has moved in to my chest and turned in to a yucky cough, so it just wasn’t happening. I’m frustrated, but I want to get better more than anything.
Went to the Dr. today and got anti-biotics. My hope is to get a short 2-3 mile run in on Thursday, and I’m not trying anything other than stretching and maybe yoga before that.
Stay healthy, runners!


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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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