Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 7

3.23-4.1. Forgive the tardy posting.  I have THE PLAGUE!

Monday = DOR. After the personal let-down of the Shamrock Shuffle, I needed a little break. I took some time off, and all was good.
Tuesday = Planned a gym day today. Got to the gym, and did either elliptical or TM, I can’t remember. The reason I was there was to *finally* be back to yoga! I missed yoga so much, and really needed it. I cooled down, got my mat out, took off my shoes, and the instructor introduces herself and welcomes us all to PiYo. OOPS I’M IN PIYO! I guess there was a schedule change… Anyway, I actually really enjoyed the challenge of PiYo, so I will go back.
Wednesday = Gorgeous day, went to Chick’s Night at Fleet Feet.  I was a bit late, so I ended up heading out on my own with just my iPod. I went 5 miles at my own pace, and it felt GREAT. Truly a fantastic run.
Weigh In Wednesday 3.7.12: -0.2 Slowly but surely!
Thursday = I was planning on a run today, but ended up going out to dinner for a friend’s birthday instead. Got in some yoga during the day.
Friday = Had plans for “21 Jump Street” after work, so I made it to the gym in the morning for the elliptical. (Got SOAKED in an early morning thunderstorm too!)
Saturday = 9 miles. Felt really really really really good. Really good.
Sunday = 40 minutes elliptical (20 reg elliptical/20 gazelle trainer). Then spent the day training at my old job to cover for a few shows.


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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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  1. Jail Break says:

    That was a nice post, an inspirational one. Thanks for sharing this to us, and looking forward always for more updates. Great workout training too !

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