Race Recap: Shamrock Shuffle

Sunday 3/25 ~ Me and about 39,999 other runners completed the Shamrock Shuffle.

Time: 52:42 ~ 8k.  10:36/mile pace.  The best word I can come up with for this race was CRANKY.

Turtle Trek!

I am part of a great group of runners and Weight Watchers members who met when we started Couch to 5k about the same time.  This year, a lot of the ladies got together and ran races in Virginia Beach and Minneapolis around St. Patrick’s Day, and we had t-shirts made up for our Turtle Trek!  So much fun!

So, one of my favorite parts about this whole Shamrock Shuffle experience was going to the Fitness Expo at Navy Pier.  It was inspiring to see such a well organized and executed event, and so many people who were interested in fitness and health.  A lot of fun.

I packed up my bag Saturday night, with a change of clothes since we were going to see the Hunger Games in the afternoon!  I ended up oversleeping a bit, so the day started…  off.  This was the most crowded event I’ve ever been to, and the trains were PACKED at 6:45 on a Sunday morning.  I made my way to the CARA Compound at the Congress Hotel to drop off all my things and get ready to head to the corral.

I ended up meeting up with my group members, which was fun.  It was good to have company.  🙂  This course was great, it goes through most of downtown.  It was about 60 degrees and the first wave started at 8:30.  I am not sure what time we started, but there were a lot of people there!

I don’t quite want to rehash the entire run, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it just was not right.  I think I started too fast, and stayed too fast.  It got hot, and I was just not a happy camper.  I wanted to stop a lot, I wanted to complain A LOT, and it just was not great.  I got in to some pretty negative head space and it just was not cool.

Highlights included:  Seeing Liga around mile 4.  Apparently I was too fast for her sign, she had an awesome sign made up for me.  🙂  Making it to mile 4.  Being at the corner of Michigan and Van Buren put me in some great “homestretch” territory.  Sweet Home Chicago.  Blues Brothers came on right as I turned that corner and ran towards Roosevelt Rd.  Ran past work, ran past the most spectators I had seen all day, and knew it was almost over.

Turning the corner and heading towards the finish line, I had major tunnel vision.  Was lightheaded and had a headache and was just praying I didn’t pass out.  No.  It was not a fun ending.  But I finished.  This was a hard day, but a lesson learned.

After I changed and refilled my water and got all my things from the hotel, I stuck around and cheered on the finishers.  It was great to see so many determined people working their way to the finish line.  So inspiring.

I had a great 5 mile run tonight with Fleet Feet’s Chicks Night.  It took me a few recovery days, and one good, at my own pace just for fun run, to get my head around this weekend.  It was a reminder to be proud of what I CAN do, and beware of what my body is telling me (like when I start too fast).  On to another week of training!


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