Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 4

3.5-3.11.  Week 4 in the books.  A tough week, family stress and travel. Not the best training schedule!

Monday = Nice run, totaled almost 4.8 miles today.  Ran along the lakefront.  Was a little chilly, still some snow on the ground.  Had to look back and see what I did this week, but here’s my map from MapMyRun: (I love the internet 🙂 )
Tuesday = Honestly can’t remember if Tuesday was a DOR or if I did yoga in the morning…  Brain can’t go back that far.
Wednesday = 4.75 miles on the river today.  I truly love that my location allows me lake or river in either direction.  Warmer than expected today, and felt pretty sluggish.
Weigh In Wednesday 3.7.12: +1.0 Glad to be out of the “rut” but going in the wrong direction…
Thursday = Travel day.  Did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I am really hoping that we can use the new Field House at school when it’s open!  No fun having to trek across the Loop for a workout.
Friday = Grandview run!  Really windy today, and conquered Elmwood hill 🙂 .  Guessing this has been one of my highest altitudes!
Saturday = I was in Columbus (obviously) over the weekend, and my training called for a 5 mile run.  Those longer runs are harder to get in when I’m running on my own, so thank goodness for the Long John Race!  It was a chilly 20 degrees, and this was a 5 mile run through Highbanks Metro Park.  Recap to come!
Sunday = Ugh.  Mom ended up in the hospital getting fluids via IV.  Buckeye basketball on tv…   I needed a DOR.


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