Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Hit a bump in the road this week, but I will certainly keep on truckin’ with this training schedule.

Monday = Morning run.  If you were following along at home, I dubbed Sunday night “Sugar Sunday.”  I was really feeling that when I woke up Monday morning, I felt sluggish and slow and just…  ugh.  It was pretty cold too, I was under-dressed!  3 miles.
Tuesday = Yoga DVD at home.  I say this every time, but I LOVE yoga and need a reminder that I should try it every day.  It just feels great.  Oh, and for as long as I practice yoga, Happy Baby will always be my favorite pose.
Wednesday = 3 miles. It was my 2nd time visiting Fleet Feet Chicks Night. There were less people there this time, and I had dinner plans right after, so I kept it a short run.  Great to talk to people and get to know some more runners.  I ended up with a FAST group, and they were all going further than me.  Did the last 1.5 on my own, so I slowed down my pace a bit, but still was an ok run.  I wasn’t feeling very great all day, but it wasn’t bad.
Weigh In Wednesday 2.15.12: MAINTAIN  No change here, so that’s good.  Getting close to goal!
Thursday = DOR plus…  SICK.  😦
Friday = DOR #2.  Another sick day.  Congestion, sore throat, not good for running.
Saturday = 5 miles outside. I pulled the trigger, and decided to go ahead and join the  CARA Training program again.  All night Friday and in to Saturday morning, I was still doubtful of going.  I wasn’t feeling great, and it was COLD.  But, it’s amazing how spending money can motivate you to get out the door.  So, I bundled up and headed off to Montrose Beach.  I joined the 12:00 minute group again.  It is all new people in the group.  I recognized a few faces but not many.  As we headed out for the first 1/2 mile, I wasn’t feelin’ it, the first 10 minutes are always the WORST.  My chest was tight, and my nose was runny.  Blech.  However, it turns out that I was going faster than the rest of the group.  One of the pacers ran with me and said that we were doing about 11 minutes.  🙂  So, speed is improving.  Next week is going to be 6 miles, I’m going to try it with the 11:30 group and see how that goes.
Sunday = 30 minutes on the arc trainer, and weights.  WORST upper body strength ever!  Gotta work on that next.


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