Food Log: Phat Paczki Tuesday

Paczki.  Not pack-zi.  Pounch-key.  Jelly donut with a Polish accent.  Delicious.  When I was a kid, Fat Tuesday meant fast food.  A Big Mac, or some other burger, fries, shake, the whole nine yards of indulgence.  Saying good bye to Valentine’s candy, and preparing to fast.  As I got older, Fat Tuesday meant Hangover Wednesday.  Since I’ve moved to Chicago, Fat Tuesday is the day to scope out the best baked goods from the homiest bakeries.  This year was no exception. However, this year I ended up buying a few, and bringing them in to work, just for a little taste.  I did completely OD this week, I had a lot of junk and candy, but it’s all about learning from mistakes (even intentional mistakes) and moving on.

B:1 serving lower sugar oatmeal, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 cup skim milk (6PPs)
S: 1/4 apple paczki, 1/4 cherry packzi (Not sure how to really track these but I said 8PPs)
L: 1 Lasagna Roll Up, 1 medium orange (7PPs)
D: Salad with 1Tsp olive oil, 2 pieces of Whole Grain Wasa, 1 low fat colby cheese stick (5PPs)
Fat Tuesday Freak Out 24oz Ranger IPA, the rest of a bag of Asian snack mix, gummy grapefruits, and a chocolate caramel heart.  I did not track any of this.  It would have been 28PPs.
APs: 1 for yoga.

All of this left me feeling pretty yucky.  And today I have a sore throat.  Wah.


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